Amended Polish Industrial Property Law


According to the new regulations implemented into the Polish Industrial Property Act, the trademark rights holders will have more tools to fight against trademarks infringers.

In addition to extension of the trademark definition, these amendments also apply to the revolutionary – in our opinion – setting of the liability of entities providing services to infringers of trademark rights.


Polish authorities have shut down a factory in Koronowo, near the city of Bydgoszcz capable of making millions of counterfeit medicines. Over 100,000 counterfeit erectile dysfunction pills were seized along with 430,000 vials of steroids of all brands. It is thought that the factory would have distributed counterfeits worth "at least tens of millions of zlotys." Poland's Central Bureau of Investigation (CBSP) said in a statement (in Polish) that the illicit unit - which contained 48 machines used for manufacturing, packing and printing boxes and labels - is thought to be largest illegal pharmaceutical factory ever discovered by enforcement agencies. The seized equipment made up an entire pharma production line, and included mixers, tablet presses, coaters, blister packaging machines, cartoners and screen printers, amongst other items. Police made 19 arrests in connection with the operations of the factory. The prosecutor filed 6 motions for custody to the court. The court approved all of them. The manufacture was being run by an organised crime network. The raid at the property, which marked the culmination of an investigation lasting several months, uncovered an extensive network of hidden rooms which housed the equipment.


Warsaw Court of Appeal ruled that there is no civil liability for using in administrative proceedings confidential internal documents including trade secrets of the other party.

Within patent invalidation proceedings party "A" provided evidence including eleven internal documents of party "B", including trade secrets. These documents were provided by one of the inventors previously working for B. Court of first instance and court of appeal shared the defendant's position that patent invalidation proceedings require submitting evidence, which as such cannot be assessed from the point of view of an infringement of the principle of fair competition. Everyone with a legal interest has a right to request the invalidation of a patent. Such interest cannot be equated with economic interests within the meaning of the Act on combating unfair competition (VI ACa 1478/13).


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