Day-to day criminal enforcement of IP rights

Market Monitoring 

  • Organize market and shop inspections
  • Organize test purchases and related expert opinions
  • Drafting C&D letters

Criminal Enforcement 

  • Filing of national and EU-wide application for customs protection
  • Organize police and custom seizures
  • Drafting C&D letters
  • Drafting and filing of criminal complaints;
  • Representing right holders in court proceedings
  • filing motion for damages
  • Organizing the transport and destruction (or donation ta welfare organization) of counterfeit products.

Internet Monitoring 

  • Monitoring auction sites and online shops for counterfeit products;
  • Removal of infringing advertisements and online shops;
  • Organizing test purchases;
  • Drafting C&D letters.


  • Organizing trainings for Police, Customs and other law enforcement authorities.
  • Training court experts